Freeze Drying Operation

Freeze Drying, or Lyophilization, is a method of processing critters which will last long term at room temperature. Freeze drying is a process in which a species is dried under low temperature while under vacuum. Water or moisture molecules in the animal being freeze dried is first frozen to a solid at a temperature of around -100°F. Next the species is placed in the freeze dryer tank which is at 10°F (still a freezing temperature) and is placed under a severe vacuum. At this point the water molecules will migrate to the ice traps which are at a temperature of -60°F. This process occurs as the species is raised to 10°F in the tank. Because the system is under vacuum, the water molecules migrate to and are collected in the ice trap, due to pressure difference of 10°F to -60°F. The water molecules are removed in the frozen critter which are first frozen to a solid and then removed directly by turning the ice into vapor. This is done under vacuum and without having to pass through the liquid phase.

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